Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yo. Spizz Kid reminded me that I'm due for a posting. I thought I'd just let everyone know whats going on in Richmond, VA. Still no NFL or NBA teams sadly, but I'm happy to report the Flying Squirrels have come to richmond, and they are one of the finest in minor leauge baseball. Also Richmond still has lots of poor people with really messed up teeth. I'm so glad I get to tell them that they have to pay $150 to the get xrays and exam just to figure out how bad the damage is.

Another cool thing about Richmond VA is that it just got a hot and up coming cover band called MerBear. You may know the drummer from of MerBear from previous great collaborations with the ERC, such as Devils Throat. If you want to check them out go here

They actually might be the first cover band to sign a real record deal, knock on wood. The picure below is of the 140lb bear that inspired the band name. Nobody has captured a picture of the Mermaid that also inspired the band name.

And I'm still dating an chinese girl. She's great, i think she might make a great tiger mom some day.

Also i just bought my first mac, there is a learning curve to these things, and they are freaking expensive too, but i guess its worth it.

Anywhoooo i love this blog, may it live on forever.


Kevin said...

When you said Devil's Throat, is this the band that you meant?

Anonymous said...

Oh, what?

Raw-b said...

Oh my gosh!! DevilDriver totally copied us!!

sodapop said...

i think this post has been the best surprise of 2011 so far. i'm hoping for an uneventful 2011 so it can remain the best surprise.

i was afraid we had set too high of a standard with "devil's throat," but it's good to see you back in the saddle with merbear. raw beats 4ever.

m.e.g. said...

i love merbear.
when the next show... i want to be there.

i can't believe this blog is still going...